Saturday, March 20, 2021

Hovering Around Town


The neon lights glow in the darkness as I hover and check out an interesting speciman. Perhaps there's something to coming out in the darkness and enjoying the nightlife afterall


Have Unequal - Elektra Outfit

Elektra is available for Maitreya and Legacy in 8 color choices. You can change the glow color and intensity and hide one or two legs, glove or boobs and pubic covers. New and Exclusive at XXX Event March 13 - April 3

VAIN - NY Highlighters

 BOM and Omega appliers with 8 colors

ND/MD MIA-BOM-(Lelutka E.) head skins 

10 skin tones to choose from, BOM only. Created for Lelutka Evolution & Genus natural + white brows with and w/o freckles. On new exclusive at the Skin Fair March 12 - 29

ND/MD - BOM Body skins (incl. young + mature breasts) available for Maitreya Lara, petite, flat chest (Maitreya+V-tech), Legacy, Inithium, Belleza, Signature, and Slink. On sale at the Skin Fair

ND/MD  Mia short shapes

Short shapes created for Lelutka Lilly evolution head ( best with Legacy body) Another exclusive at the Skin Fair

ND/MD  Pia Eyes

BOM only in 8 color choices or in a fatpack at the Skin Fair

Olive. The Yen hair

Another lovely long mesh hair style to enjoy 

.PALETO. Backdrop:. CLUB ON 

Secret Poses - Hover Bike 

Hover bike with poses and light option, also static single poses 

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