Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Such a Glorious View from the Space Gardens

It sure is beautiful up here in the gardens of Inspire Space Park. This is one of my long standing favorite spots in SL.

 Shopping List
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Stargazer Creations -   Skin Set - Quicksilver
 Includes appliers for Uni Ears, Omega for eyes, nails, and skin M/F, plus system skins and eyes.


Mesh Body Parts:
Stargazer Creations -  O-Mesh Circuit Elf Ears
Unrigged, compatible with Omega head appliers! Comes with shade Hud and resizer, 6 basic metals,  and options are expandable via add on huds
  Catwa - Catya
LEGACY  Classic Body

^.^Ayashi^.^ Asai-Blue set
Part of the Fluffy Pompoms gacha at Lootbox June 2020. This consists of Asai hair in several different commons packs, hairclips, collars, earrings, and 2 rare Lootboxes.


Stargazer Creations -  Sathoa Gacha
This new gacha collection commons include body gems, bikini top, bikini pant, sarong, sandals, drink deco and drink hold in 6 different winnable colors. There are 2 lootboxes to be won. Lootbox 1 consists of the full set in Oilslick texture + 2 sets of body gems. Lootbox 2 consists of Full Set in Mithril texture + 2 sts of Body gems. (Worn here are the Oilslick items) This is a Legacy Classic exclusive and costs 75L /play. This is an exclusive at Lootbox June 2020


Pictures taken at Inspire Space Park

Props and Poses
PosESioN - Amour 3

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